Thursday, September 26, 2013

Hear Ye Hear Ye, Fall Has Arrived

I look forward to this time of year more than any other, even spring plantings if you can believe that. Cooler mornings, not so hot days, and cooler evenings are to be enjoyed. Leaves change, showing their spectacular colors everywhere. Ah yes, this is what I've been waiting for. Now I will have to say that for our part of North Carolina this years' weather has been on the mild side. Between June and August of this year there were only 24 days above 90 degrees, compared to 67 in 2010. I remember 2010. It was HOT. Drought conditions HOT. "I'm not going outside today" HOT. And I also believe we nipped that drought thing in the butt this year too. Thank goodness but there is such a thing of having too much of a good thing. So milder summer, rain (monsoon at times), and milder winter last year means only one thing; we are going to get it this winter. Global warming my a$$. You just wait and see.
Since these cooler days have come in it has got me into 'mountain mode' again as I am now looking for any excuse to get over to the NC mountains and poke around. I even brought up the idea of renting a travel trailer and spending Thanksgiving outside of Asheville in a campground, taking day trips to Biltmore, parks, forests, etc. We have talked on and off about getting a travel trailer for some time but never really got past that point as you have to use them to get your worth out of them. I found a company that rents them fairly cheaply so the idea is to get one and see if we can manage having fun with it without killing each other for a long weekend.

If not then I'll grab my backpack and head out. It's been a long time since I've been hiking and it's about time for it. I never seem to have time to use my golf membership, seems like I always have something to do at the house, I am trying to fix up my oldest son's old car for my daughter-in-law, my 'to do' list keeps growing, I travel every week for work, etc., etc., etc. 
I guess what fall means to me is getting away, spending time outdoors while not being scorched alive. And who doesn't like to get outside and away from traffic, phones, loud music and noises, and rude people. I surely do and I suspect you do too. 
Back to work but I leave you with a few images and links to some great outdoor escapes. Be a happy camper kids. 

Purchase Knob in the Great Smoky Mountains from today.

Canyon Rim, New River Gorge, WV from today. 

Great Smoky Mountains
Monongahela National Forest
Blue Ridge Heritage
George Washington & Jefferson National Forests
Bighorn National Forest
Deschutes National Forest
Olympic National Forest
Pacific Crest Trail
Continental Divide Trail
Mountains to Sea Trail
WV Scenic Trails Association

Monday, September 23, 2013

The Rumours of My

Demise have been greatly exaggerated. I am around just not bloggy I guess. I do have some updates as I have been on the move a lot this month.

First the garden seems to be doing OK. I did visit it yesterday and removed the row covers to see what was what. Cabbage worms are trying to get my cabbage but I think I have them on the run. Finally got some carrots to set but the broccoli and leeks are nonexistent. Lettuce never came up either. Peppers still going good and I actually have some more tomatoes setting. With how this years' weather has been I am surprised any of them survived. I also have a lot of weeding to do. And I hate weeding. I did manage to get some broccoli and lettuce seeded but I'm not covering them this time. See what happens.

Another fun thing last weekend was my yearly trip to Olde Mill Golf Club in Virginia. We had a lot of fun, great weather, so- so golf.

Beside gardening this past weekend I also got around to finally painting the office. We bought this paint months ago.

As I said above I have been on the run quite a bit. Within the last few weeks (besides weekends) I am probably home 1-2 nights a week. Sunday after the golf trip I stopped at the house long enough to get cleaned up, eat, then drove to Charleston, SC that evening. 
I need to find something where I am home all of the time now. I am tired of traveling. Been doing it most of my life.
Well that's the short end of it. I will be around, just don't know when :)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Looking to Fall

Well I accomplished quite a lot this weekend in getting the fall garden going. My row covers came in so I re- planted two rows of carrots, more broccoli, red and stone head cabbage, brussel sprouts, leeks, and collards good in the field bed. I then turned cleaned out a couple of the raised beds, composted them, then planted loose leaf and mix salad blends and radishes in one of them. Some of the tomatoes are still doing fairly decent so I left them in but pulled out the eggplants and picked a lot of peppers, which will be for next Monday's harvest.

It was hot to say the least. I spent I know about 7 hours out there planting, weeding, and covering. All in the name of food.

One last thought today in an ode to Tami.

Keep the matches hidden kids.