Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beds from last year.

These are images from the garden beds last year. I have two in an L shape and one by itself. Keep in mind there's limited space in our yard.
This is the lower L taken on April 12th. 
This is the lower L on May 18th. You can see the upper L at the top of the picture.
This is the same L layout on June 24th. My squash outgrew the upper right.
This is the upper bed on April 9th. 
Same bed on May 18th. 
Same bed on June 24th. Mostly Tomato plants. 
Upper L, another view of those squash plants. 
I used a micro irrigation system to water everything run through piping I buried under the ground. It took a while to set up but once I got it up and running, worked like a dream. My plan this year is to extend the lower L bed by about 4 feet, build another one 3 feet by 13 feet next to the fence near the upper bed and continue to use pots and whatever I can find. My second planting last year I grew tomato plants to maturity out of small buckets I picked up at the dollar store for a buck each. I also want to add a timer to the watering system so I won't forget to turn it off in the morning. Again. 
Speaking of which, here's some peppers I grew in a small pot.
Made ten gallons of laundry detergent so we're good to go for a while on that too. Counting down the days!

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