Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Peas - Round 1

Well we ventured out into the garden this evening at the bequest of The Wife to pick and shell peas. A lot of peas. It took us three episodes of Flea Market Flip to shell all of them. But in the end we conquered all and ended up with a decent first harvest.

Two strawberry buckets full.

Doesn't seem like a lot but they will be enjoyed.

Sealed and heading to the freezer.

Should get one more picking before the weather gets too hot and I have to pull them out. Not sure what we'll plant next in this bed. 

Finally for this evening's' post I was cruising the front of the house watering the flowers when to my surprise..

They have bloomed out nicely and some are ready to come out and join them. 

Until next pickin, put your peas in your pea pot.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Three Day Weekend

Nice to have a three day weekend every now and then. Memorial Day (Decoration Day) is the reason for this month's extended weekend and one we shall never forget. Honoring those that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation is something we should do every day. Thank You.

Started getting the green beans trained up the fence finally and did a lot of cutting and tying on the tomatoes. Uncovered the potatoes (kinda went crazy covering them up. Most stuck their head through but some didn't. Reason for doing this was to hide them from the beetles that have been attacking the plants.

Little SOBs. I can't continue spraying them every week until late summer. The only other way I know of getting rid of them is picking them off the plants and putting them in soapy water. I sprayed again today and will try to keep a good eye on them. 

Training up the beans. Some listen but most don't. Just like my kids. 

Also did some mulching in the beds to try to keep the weeds down. Already tired of pulling and pulling. 

Actually look really good. We had some left over mulch (if you can believe that) so I used it in the beds. I'll need about 5 more bags to finish off the last bed and do the paths in between them. 

WOF of the Week.

WOF and Chewman ready for bedtime. 

That's it for tonight. Not much I know but tired from workout tonight and I still need to post there. 

Friday, May 24, 2013


Stopped by the big box store on my way home today to get posts for my green bean fencing. Get home and Mother Nature decided to turn on the blower. I lost one of my Black Krim tomato plants due to this wind. I did get the posts in and the fencing run. I tried to train the vines up but they kept blowing back down. So I went on my merry way trimming up some of the tomato plants and weed pulling. I replaced my downed Black Krim with a rogue tomato plant. It will be a surprise when it sets as I have no idea what it is.

First pepper of the year. A sweet banana pepper.

Opened up a pea pod today. Looks like they'll get picked probably Sunday.

My little flowers are really starting to bloom.

Overall looking good. My fencing is a little rickety and redneck- looking but it should work.

Think I will do a little more tilling and get the corn in the ground tomorrow. Weather is supposed to straighten around next week and I am looking forward to some sunny days. Off to work on the other blog then bed. Early workout in the morning. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mid Week

I'm here. A little sore but I am here just the same. This exercise program has been kicking my butt but hopefully it will be worth it in the end. A couple days ago it hurts to type.

Today we are looking at a chance of rain as well as tomorrow. Beside yesterday it has rained pretty much everyday for the past 6 days. This weekend it is supposed to be nice so hopefully those peas are ready to come out. That and I want to get the green bean fences put in as they are ready to climb.

I can't quite put my finger on it but this spring seems to be a little off. A little cooler and definitely more rainy. I could stand this year- round. I cruised the garden when I got home last night and besides having to cover one of the potato plants, everything seems to be in good shape with all of the rain coming down. I even picked up a few more tomatoes on the vines. I did do some looking around and am still considering expanding the garden in a few places. Still on the fence about corn but I may add another row of beans and a few more pepper and tomato plants. We'll see when Friday rolls around.

Here's a link on how to help to people of Moore, Oklahoma. Terrible what happened and help if you can.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Being a Good Spring

Well after about 6 days of no rain, 1 of which I had to water, we finally got some rain last night and today. Actually while reading Tami's blog, a big strike hit near the house which resulted in a WOF making an immediate jump onto the couch with me (see below.) So with the exception of one day of watering Mother Nature has done me right this year. So far. I know summer is coming and along with that, HEAT and NO RAIN. But for the mean time, the plants are loving it.

I went out Saturday and got myself 4 bales of straw to cover all of the potatoes. I did spray some Sevin on them a few days ago (and all of the other plants just to be on the safe side) and got rid of most of the beetles that were munching on the leaves. Buried them pretty good so should be good until harvest time. Well, I might have to cover them up a little more later.

Also while I was there I backfilled against all of the onions to cover up the bulbs.

Got a couple more tomatoes set so the bees have definitely been around. These are off of The Youngest Boy's plants he did earlier this year.  

So for next few hours I clipped on all of the tomato plants, weeded (never ending), cleaned up, and watered down all of the straw and green beans. The last two rows I planted have started coming up. Have to get the trellis system built for them. The peas are looking like another week or so for picking. Those we are going to freeze.

As I said at the beginning, it stormed here this evening and I got a visitor. She hates storms. Even the Chewman jumped. 

Here's the sound I was describing last post. A chirp and two whistles. Please help!

Another thing from last post was my starting an exercise program. I have changed my diet quite a bit which is what you have to do with this program. I did start another blog about it. Check it out if you want some good laughs. Working on Working Out

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Buzzing Along

Well things on the homestead are buzzing right along now. I believe with the addition of maybe two more garden beds we'll finally have everything planted. I am still on the fence about sowing corn. It takes up a lot of space for no more than what you get out of it but home- grown corn tastes so good. I got the new flowering thing Amy bought planted by the garden and the two plants we bought a month ago at the nursery planted by the driveway. Weeded today (always a job to do), got the last two rows of green bean seeds sowed, pruned and tied up the tomato plants, used the old mulch from the front beds around the raised beds, and backfilled around the potatoes. Believe it or not I have vegetables being set so my bees have been around. They're buzzing around somewhere. Off to the back- breaking, knee- hurting, ant- biting tour.

Guess what I found on my potato plants today?

Gotta find a good way to get rid of these beetles before they destroy the whole crop and find my tomato plants. 
We have peas already. We didn't really notice them until yesterday. Shelling time coming up. 

We already have a sweet banana pepper. 

These are my cukes with the tomatoes running down the middle. Their leaves are browning somewhat and I am  not sure why. Last year's crop sucked so I don't want to lose this one too. Ideas?

Green beans are moving a little slowly but I did get the last two rows sowed on the right side of the picture. 

Have our first two tomatoes already. These are the Amish Paste tomatoes. 

And speaking of tomatoes here's a couple of shot of my 'rogue' tomatoes. I am not too sure what I am going to do with these. Keep them or not? Hmmmmmm........

Some more gratuitous shots.

I'll get some straw on the potatoes probably within the next week or so after I get rid of the beetles. That should keep them until they are ready to be pulled. 

Knock- out roses in front are in full bloom as is most other things.

Nice little set- up The Wife made for the back deck. 

Well, others things that have been happening. 1) I have been spying a fox that has been cruising around the property and other houses the past few nights. Not getting into anything bad but just out looking around, 2) We've been hearing a noise out of the woods starting at dusk and continues through the night until just before day break. It is a two syllable whistle with a small chirp on the end of it. I have been looking but haven't found anything yet that makes this noise. I may get a sound bite and post it here in case someone knows what it is. It's driving me nuts, 3) Had our first slithering visitor of the year. The Wife finds it and immediately demands it's death. After I find that it is a black snake, killing it wasn't one of the things I wanted to do. He wasn't in a particularly good mood this morning and didn't really want me around him. When I went after him he headed for the deck so that was it. I was going to put the body in one of the houses across the street, sort of a surprise for the drywall crew but decided the woods was the place for it. Would have been funny though. Maybe not. 

Well, sitting here eating my favorite ice cream and drinking a Dr. Pepper. Last time for this stuff for a long while as I am starting a program to get in better shape than I am now. I'm not completely out of shape as I do stay active for the most part. Just seems like things are growing in places I don't want them. Maybe I'll start another blog about this experience. Stay tuned. 

WOF of the Week. Yes we do have one. Both the pups went to the vet's office this past Friday for their spa treatment, which means toe nails done, baths (needed) shots, and general check- up. Well, it turned into a hard day for the WOF. Being up in years I have noticed she has slowed down a little. 

Poor girl. She was out by 7:00 Friday night. 

Make sure you're up to date on your shots and see you next time!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Where Is Warmth, and my Bees?

Where are the warmer temperatures? I just looked back to last years' weather: May 1st to the 5th, 2012= 86, 91, 91, 90, 84 degrees; May 1st to the 5th, 2013= 62, 65, 69, 64, 60 degrees. Firstly, I really don't mind too much the cooler temperatures, but the rain and cloudy days are getting a little annoying. Secondly I live in the south; it's not supposed to be like this now. Lastly, I know the hot temperatures are coming so you can bet that I'll be bitching about them later this year. And yes firstly is a word.

The one thing I will say, the peas LOVE this weather. They are still going like crazy with blooms everywhere.  Here's a comparison from April 1st to May 2nd.

Another surprise is my tomatoes. They are not full like last year but I have my first blooms already. 

Everything else is just cruising along, going with the flow.
Peppers now flowering.

My grown-from-seed Candytufts are getting close to flowering too. 

One good thing is I haven't had to water anything. I actually left some left- over paste tomatoes out on the back deck in their solo cups as I didn't have room for them this year and they're still growing. Maybe that should be the premise of my gardening this year; do as little as possible. Hhhmmmmmmm. Maybe. 

One thing that has caught my attention on the news lately is the decline of the Honey Bee. You know as well as I do that this can be a very serious situation if action is not taken to protect these colonies. Decimation of the world pollinators? I don't think so! I plant flowers around my garden as well as in my garden just to attract as many bees as I can and don't use any products that would be harmful to them. I even talk to them and give them the right-of-way in the garden. I can't say that about all of the farms in my area so that may be worth looking in to. Here's a link to The Honey Bee Conservancy if you want to check them out.

Sorry about the lack of WOF pictures but there's only so many comatose pictures you can take of her. And Chewie is getting just as bad as her. Next time I promise. Until then, keep your buzz on and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee happy. 

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Another Thursday

Mow day again then a quick tour around.

Rehab Addict is on as a marathon until 10 tonight. Hope I make it until then. In laws coming to town tomorrow for a few days. Looks like I'll have some help for those few days :)