Monday, August 10, 2015

Harvest Monday; August 10, 2015

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Finally got some work done in the garden, weeding and cleaning up five of the beds readying for fall plantings. I also did the last picking on the green beans and pulled all of them out. They were pretty much done. Also pulled out all of the squash (disappointing year) and zucchini. Squash bugs were starting to get numerous in their egg plantings so I pulled them and put them in a bag to the trash. I don't want to be fighting those things for the rest of the year when we are being bombarded by June bugs. They are everywhere. Doing my best to contain them but only so much you can do. Here's the sheet for the week.

Pretty good week considering everything is slowly wilting away. Man what a summer. 



Eggs, eggs everywhere!

My pickings from Saturday. And some follow- up more presentable pictures. 

My wife went out Sunday and did a picking on the cherry and grape tomatoes. I hate picking them.

Went out Sunday morning and actually bought squash so I could make some squash relish. We eat it on hotdogs, chicken sandwiches, etc. And the guys my wife works with love it. Going to have to make more. 

Found this big guy hiding.

Finally to end our weekend me, my wife and our boys went to see Garrison Keillor, Prairie Home Companion, America the Beautiful tour show. Big NPR geeks the boys and I are. Great show and supposedly his farewell tour. 

Welp, that's it for me tonight. Got stuff to do. From my family to yours, get your geek on!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Other Item Filling My Time

Finally had the chance to get back to work on the additional bedroom (which is to be my youngests) since my oldest was in between leaving the Corps and starting his new job (which he has.) They got the insulation up for me with the assistance of my FiL, then we sheetrocked it and I've been slowly mudding the joints. I had all of the electrical run earlier and the floor was done when we moved in. I am going complete the finishing and simultaneously start on some walls in the adjacent area that we floored a few months ago. I have to do that so I can set the electrical panel and run power upstairs. It's a process and a hot one since it's summer and no ac up there!

Floored area. This was just  ceiling joists before. I intend on this weekend to gather up the excess insulation straight ahead and continue flooring out the way for storage only.

Insulation install.

Sheetrock and finishing(ish).

So this takes up my time as well when I'm not working on pool decks, in the garden, fixing crap, or at my actual job. 

I have a list a mile long. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

Harvest Monday; August 3, 2015

Another late post, I know. My excuse? Woke up in Charleston, SC. Had to go there for work so I drove down Sunday because I had to be on the jobsite at 5:30ish this morning.  Then  I proceeded to leave Charleston, drive 100 miles, get a call from the hotel telling me I left my tablet there. Another 200 miles out of my way. Yipee. But all is good as I made it back home this evening. Charleston is my wife's favorite city, me not so much. Think its hot where I live? 90 degrees by 10:00 this morning. No thank you.

Another decent week in the garden. Eggplants are really coming around so got to find something to do with them. That and tomatoes are still there. Picked a little over 40 lbs. this week and canned all of it. Pizza, Pasta sauces and more salsa.

The rest of the garden is slowly wearing down as we still are getting really hot weather every day. That and the occasional thunderstorm dumping on us. I need to get out there and clean up the beds that have been sitting idle and start fall plantings. A lot of work to do. 

Pickings from Friday afternoon. 

Eggplants looking good.

Lots of blooms on the squash but no real production this year. Been picking off eggs like crazy but those darn bugs are back this year.

Finally got a chance Saturday to hit the links this year in prep for our upcoming trip to the mountains. My boys got me a new driver for Father's Day so I got the chance to try it out. Played better than I thought it would. 

Well that's it for me today. Check out Daphne's Dandelions for all Harvest Mondays.