Sunday, February 24, 2013


weather we've had the past few days. Cold icy rain to the point Friday morning that I wasn't even going to attempt to go to work. Saturday was just plain blah; cold and rainy all day. The kind of day that really takes a toll on someone's sanity. Today it was 65 and sunny. Sinuses have definitely been on the blink and we are not sure what the net day will bring. Go figure. I can't.

Took a tour through the garden and here's how things are progressing.

Transplanted some of the Shasty Daisies.

Peppers are still going slowly as they always seem to do. I did get some more started to make up for the dismal California Wonders. 

Tomatoes are really doing great. Can't wait to get them in the ground and I may start pawning these off on some people to take care of until planting time. I know I started them early but I need to see green things growing this time of year. It takes the bite off of the gray days of winter. At times I wished we would have moved further south, say Florida, just to have warmer temperatures and sunshine more often. 

Finally got some more solo cups so these are next for transplanting.

This is Blue Fescue grass that I tried to grow last year. It grows into a nice shade of blue grass clump and I'd love to plant this around the house. 

Here are the potato, onion, asparagus, and garlic that are going in the ground real soon.

Amy and I talked today about where she was going to plant all of her flower bulbs that she got. Up to her. I'm hoping that if this coming weekend's forecast is somewhat good I can get some dirt in here and get the beds turned over and the new ground plot ready for the above bulbs. 

On my list of things to do (hereafter to be known as LOTTDFH 'list of things to do from hell') is to get an outbuilding built to clear out the garage of some things. Well it appears that I have to do a dimension drawing for the local county building department so they can approve it as well as submitting it to the builder to make sure it meets the covenants. So this will take up my time in the near future too. 

On the vehicle front we are having the car looked at again by another adjuster but are not holding out much hope. Apparently the car we bought was a run of the mill common car that doesn't hold it's value well because there are so many of them. So we went out to see our favorite salesperson for another vehicle. His comment was "well I know I can always count on a sale once a month from you guys." Funny guy. Test drove a few and she settles on a Jeep this time. Doesn't have all of the bells and whistles but the color is nice and she feels safe in it. We got a real good deal on it so we can't complain about this one too much. Still pissed about the car. We'll see Monday what they come back with. 

WOF of the week. Where there's sunshine.....

Busy week upcoming and I'm tired. Seek your sunshine kids.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

It Begins Again

So it begins again............

Amy is nothing but sore. Sore at moving, sore at working, sore at me. Understandable. I would be too. Probably more so as I am a baby when I hurt. Not so when I feel good just in case you were wondering. :)

Anyway here's the final result.

The insurance company totaled it. Which is what should have been done as it probably would have never been right to begin with. So now we have received the adjuster's FMV on the car and we are not happy. Own a car for 4 months and it drops in value by $6,000.00? Bullshit. Plain and simple. I'd understand $2,500.00. This will be a fight for sure. We have gap insurance but still we will lose our down payment. Bullshit! Not happy. 

And on another note Amy asks me if I was blogging tonight. Beyond the car I didn't really have much. "Well, you could tell everyone how much you love me." So here it goes. I am not good at this stuff so please leave now if you want; no hard feelings. 

My wife is goofy and blonde as all gets out, odd/moody to the extreme, a purveyor of scrapbook supplies, and a general pain in my arse. 
  1. Goofy and Blonde- This is something that she will not deny and one of the greatest things I love about her. Some questions don't need answering, they need a smirk by me and an explanation. Case in point: A friend and myself are in Columbus watching a golf tournament. She calls me saying she had locked the baby (JT) in the car at school with the keys. Since I'm in Columbus what can I do? Told her to hold the phone down to the door and I would see what I could do. 
  2. Odd/moody- Now before we go down this road I am as moody as she is. No doubt about it. But there are times where it just flies out of left field. No doubt about it and you say "What the f*ck?" Where did this come from? What do I do now? 'Flip coin.' "OK, you're right!"
  3. Scrapping- This is one thing that she loves and I wish I could help her do more. She loves doing things that will preserve our family, bring joy to others, and just create. Hopefully we can work on getting her the space that she needs for this. Just not in the garage!
  4. Pain in the Arse- She is that. For sure. No doubt about it. But, and I mean but, everything she does is for our family. Period. For all of the questions she asks (think interrogation room), all of the nosing, all of the 'what are you doing, why, where, when, with who?' her main purpose in life is us. I know this. And as much as we bicker back and forth I know where she stands and I hope she knows where I do. She stands with this family and those around her. I hope that she sees me standing beside her. 
It will be 21 years together this coming June 26th and I couldn't thank the Lord for anyone else. We are not perfect, that much is for sure. But there is no one's hand I'd rather be holding now or in the future. She is unfortunately stuck with me. I am that fortunate.

That's it for tonight kids. It's been a while for the WOF of the Week but I have saved up some good ones for next time. Until then, grab the one you love and tell them they are a Pain in the Arse!!!  

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Sunday Sunday!

Ode to the Monster Truck Announcer!

Today began bright and early with walking the WOFs then the rising of The Wife. For now on we'll call her Amy. I think she tires of The Wife persona. She was slow getting out of bed but she needs to keep moving so she is doing just that. And she has started a pot of chili for this cold Sunday.

After our ritual of watching This Old House and Ask This Old House, my task will be to continue my transplanting of the tomatoes into bigger containers, maybe move some of the flowers into bigger containers, and start some more tomatoes per requests from people and start some more peppers as the other ones haven't done too well. A quick show through the plants....


Sweet Basil

Shasta Daisy

Lavender Lady, Borage, and Oregano from front to back

Peppers. My standard California Wonder ones aren't doing too good. Got more seeds to take care of that. 

Evening Primrose and Candytuft, front to back.

Off to get all of these transplanted. 

Busy day today so off to it. Stay warm kids. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

What a Year So Far

Well this year hasn't really started the way we wanted.

The weather wasn't a factor. A young driver tried to drive straight across the road, pulled out in front of The Wife, she T- boned his car then went into the ditch. She was only 2 miles from the house so I got there in about 5 minutes. She and the young driver just got roughed up some (they both will be sore tomorrow) and that's all thankfully.
Not sure what the result on the car will be, whether they total it or try to fix it. We just made the third payment on it. I will say this about it; all of the front and knee airbags deployed and the seat belt pre- tensioners held her in place. They are making them safer. 
Check in tomorrow morning and keep her moving. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Still home and The Boy has decided to join me today. I am getting some work done too but that is coming in spurts, between naps. This crap has hit me harder than I thought.

Started the transplanting yesterday but ran out of dirt fairly quickly so i'll have to go get more of that to continue. I got one plat of tomatoes transferred. Below is my great set- up in the kitchen!

And here's The Boy's 'forest' of tomatoes and cucumbers turned upside down. A lot of root intertwining. I had to cut the plants I didn't want out and use a knife to separate them from the remaining plants. Overall I saved 6 tomatoes and 4 cucumbers although I think I can get a few more. 

May cruise down the the big box store later but for now my attention to work :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Sick Days

We all have them from time to time. Everyone has taken a day off because the 'give-a-shit' meter was running really low. I'm actually ill today. Woke up dead tired with chills and a headache. The wife had similar thing last week and it has made it's way through part of my office too. I'm not taking chances with this although I don't like missing work as I get behind so fast. I do have a work laptop and will get to using it in a minute, but in the mean time I'll bore you with another post.

Found out today the Home, Hot Tub, and Landscape show is this coming weekend in Raleigh. May cruise up to it and see the newest wares.

Got a lot of the cups washed and ready for transplants.

And the seedlings are ready to be transplanted. The top one is The Boy's and he is excited about their growth. I am somewhat amazed myself. 

Here's a shot of the sweet basil I've got going, in two pots.

The peppers are going slowly, except for one California Wonder pepper. It's the only one out of the 12 that I started that seems to have any ambition to grow. The Yolo in back and the Hot Salsa Mix in front are doing pretty good. 

So if I can stand it, we will be doing transplanting tonight plus I need to start some more seeds for other folks and get the parsley going too. Maybe if I'm up to it I may post later. Or I might be able to con The Wife in to it. She's better at this stuff than I am anyway. Pictures and writing is what I meant. Anything plant she touches seems to wither away and die. Maybe out of fright. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Busy Day

Since I took the day off yesterday and played paintball with The Boy, today is all work plus some practicing for him with his golf.

Got the new wind chime up this morning. Our JR's find a while ago. On to more work as the garage is a wreck. See you tonight. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

List Work A

Well it is decidedly cold enough outside that inside list work is on tap for today. I did roam out this morning to get a few things (Okra seeds and one more starting tray as you can never have enough of those :) but it's all inside today.

Cruised by the seedlings this morning. Wow did that kit of The Youngest Boy really take off! Another week and we may have to transplant.

Off to work on the list, part A.