Monday, May 29, 2017

Harvest Monday; May 29, 2017

Memorial Day. A time to reflect on those that have made the sacrifice for our country. I am forever grateful.

Well harvest-wise we got a few more strawberries but they are starting to die down now. We'll cut any remaining flowers off, clean up the bed, and mulch them. I am still considering transplanting them. We'll see.

Amy and I did a lot of work in the garden and her flower beds Saturday. It was a long, hot day to be sure. I got the remaining tomato plants in the ground, weeded the upper field where they went in, threw up some cages that I had, watered everything in real good (still have to run drip line up there), transplanted some marigolds between the plants, planted 3 more rows of green beans, did a little weeding on a few of the beds, finished the mulch around her flower bed, and opened the pool up, which turns out survived winter really well. All it needed was sweeping, a few chemicals added and we were off and running.

Aforementioned pool. It was very clear when we took the cover off.

I put this post in the marigold bed and Amy hung a couple of hummingbird feeders on it.

This was at the end of a long Saturday. Summer is definitely here. 

One of the three green bean beds I started a few weeks ago. Those are Copra onions in the long beds behind them. First time for those. 

Looking north.

And looking south. Still a lot to do. 

WOF Dog Farms at its finest. Looking at this reminds me to get the light post done. Sigh....

My son and I drug out the telescope this past weekend as he hasn't had the chance to view the moon through it yet. These are what we got from our driveway. It wasn't completely dark obviously and I like to view the moon during first or last quarter. Good shots with the phone though. 

I spent Sunday morning helping my oldest son put some new belts on his lawn tractor. Took us a while as we replaced all three and it's not exactly the easiest thing to work on. I come home about 2 in the afternoon to this. Amy floating in her pool. I'll say this, my wife loves her pool. 

"What are you guys doing out there?"

I changed my book on the main page as I finished it and also read another book named Hillbilly Elegy. It wasn't the longest but interesting if you know people from Appalachia. Family on my mother's side are similar to those hillbillies but not quite the same. Still half- crazy though. Worthy read if you have the time. I believe I am now going to read Vikings; Raiders, Traders and Masters of the Sea. I seem to be on a history kick and the Viking Age in particular interests me. I will cruise Barnes and Noble near my office for sale books, and yes, I buy books. I like turning pages instead of looking at a screen. :/ 

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Harvest Monday; May 22, 2017

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Slim pickings so far this year as strawberries have been our only harvest.

Been moving slowly this year getting things planted. Really slow. I usually have everything plated and ready by tax day, but between sickness, being worn out, and just blah its been hard to get anything done. I did get a lot of planting done this weekend as well as weeding all of the beds. I still have a few more tomatoes to put in the ground, start some eggplant, and run the water lines. I am planting all of the tomatoes in the upper field this year and am going to run the water line out of a bed that I am not using this year except for flowers. At the end of this year I plan on tearing out all of the beds and redoing them with block. The wood beds have finally worn out and are falling down. OK, enough about my problems. :)

Strawberries are even growing out of their bed. I have a plan of trying to transplant them into a long, skinny bed that I can net around.

I told Amy that we should just be marigold farmers. This is one of the beds I'm not planting out this year and volunteer marigolds have come up. 

Even got a morning glory mixed in there. 

Nice picture of Amy's flower bed. We still have a little mulch to put down.

This weeks' harvest. We grow June Bearing strawberries here as they seem to do well in our climate.

Quitting after a hot day.

WOF of the Week.
The cat loves the bags from our Sunday morning grocery shopping trips.