Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Other Item Filling My Time

Finally had the chance to get back to work on the additional bedroom (which is to be my youngests) since my oldest was in between leaving the Corps and starting his new job (which he has.) They got the insulation up for me with the assistance of my FiL, then we sheetrocked it and I've been slowly mudding the joints. I had all of the electrical run earlier and the floor was done when we moved in. I am going complete the finishing and simultaneously start on some walls in the adjacent area that we floored a few months ago. I have to do that so I can set the electrical panel and run power upstairs. It's a process and a hot one since it's summer and no ac up there!

Floored area. This was just  ceiling joists before. I intend on this weekend to gather up the excess insulation straight ahead and continue flooring out the way for storage only.

Insulation install.

Sheetrock and finishing(ish).

So this takes up my time as well when I'm not working on pool decks, in the garden, fixing crap, or at my actual job. 

I have a list a mile long. 

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