Thursday, June 9, 2016

Muggy- ness

My word has it ever been muggy so far this year. Outside for 10 minutes and sweat just pours off of you. Hope this whole summer isn't like this.
Spent the majority of last Saturday weeding and there were a lot of them. Probably spent about 4 hours working on the beds. Got some mulch and mulched all of the beds except the garlic. Still have a few weeds coming up in one of the beds. If you don't get them out with the roots they come back on you. And the strawberries really needed it. Wow that was bad.


After. Not as many strawberries as I'd hoped so may get a few more. May actually get some next year.

First tomato. A Solar Flare. 

Pre- mulching. 

The Wife picked some marigolds for $0.15 a piece so I planted the around the tomatoes. 

A few apples are hanging on for this year. Hope they're good. 

My rose seems to be doing well. I planted it next to the building. 

Someone is going to be picking beans this year. 

Overall view. Lots of work. 

WOF of the Week. 
Well I cleaned the living room carpets Sunday morning so I stacked their beds in the kitchen. Princess here isn't laying on the floor like a common dog. 

Until next time, stay inside.