Monday, May 22, 2017

Harvest Monday; May 22, 2017

Happy Harvest Monday. Go to Our Happy Acres to see all Harvest Mondays.
Slim pickings so far this year as strawberries have been our only harvest.

Been moving slowly this year getting things planted. Really slow. I usually have everything plated and ready by tax day, but between sickness, being worn out, and just blah its been hard to get anything done. I did get a lot of planting done this weekend as well as weeding all of the beds. I still have a few more tomatoes to put in the ground, start some eggplant, and run the water lines. I am planting all of the tomatoes in the upper field this year and am going to run the water line out of a bed that I am not using this year except for flowers. At the end of this year I plan on tearing out all of the beds and redoing them with block. The wood beds have finally worn out and are falling down. OK, enough about my problems. :)

Strawberries are even growing out of their bed. I have a plan of trying to transplant them into a long, skinny bed that I can net around.

I told Amy that we should just be marigold farmers. This is one of the beds I'm not planting out this year and volunteer marigolds have come up. 

Even got a morning glory mixed in there. 

Nice picture of Amy's flower bed. We still have a little mulch to put down.

This weeks' harvest. We grow June Bearing strawberries here as they seem to do well in our climate.

Quitting after a hot day.

WOF of the Week.
The cat loves the bags from our Sunday morning grocery shopping trips. 


  1. Nice strawberry's! Love the cat pic. Our Darcy does the same when we bring home bags. Lol

  2. I love strawberries but they are too fussy for me to grow any more. Your bed looks great!

  3. Well I hope you feel better soon. Sun warmed strawberries from the garden are so lovely and yours look really sweet. Everyone around here planted almost a month late as well, the rain put us way behind.