Sunday, November 13, 2011

Updates, Updates, Updates, and then some.

Well, it's about time for some updates. As you all know, winter is just around the corner. I spent the morning cleaning out the beds of any remaining plants except the beans. I hope to get something off of them before the first freeze. We've had a few frosts but no hard freeze yet. Maybe one night this week but I think that will be it.

Grow little beans, GROW!

Anyway, other than waiting for the first freeze and, more drearily that winter is coming soon, the flowers are doing good.

And I am going to be ordering seeds today/tonight. Get them at this years' prices. That's what I say. I did get some lettuce in the ground a few weeks ago and actually just remembered them. Let me go look...
And I don't see anything. I need to work on what to get in the ground right now. 

Here's a few pictures from my travels lately. Leaves are changing. 

Went and saw the oldest boy this past Saturday and he demonstrated his dance moves that they work on in the barracks. 

Techno music. Wow. 

WOF of the Week.

Really getting into her love seat lately.

That's all for now but i will have some more this week. 

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