Monday, October 24, 2011

Battleship North Carolina

So we head off to USMC Base Camp Geiger at 0600 to see the boy for the day. Plan was to go down to the Battleship North Carolina which is down in Wilmington, NC. You just don't realize how big these things are until you are actually on them. It's about 730 foot long. It's main armament are three 16" guns on the front, capable of sending projectiles 21 to 23 miles! Some pictures from the day.....

Someone is tired from their weekend liberties.

I was hesitant to stop to let the wife take this picture. I could see Gibbs coming outside to shoot me, as they shoot everyone as you know. 

All in all a good day. Had a nice picnic lunch at the battleship grounds. Too bad we couldn't have done more but there just isn't time when you have to drive some distance to do anything. 

On the garden front we went out Saturday and I got some New York ferns to plant, a herb garden/pot setup so I can grow some herbs over the winter. I'll have a picture of it for you next time. Also got a few flower packs as I want to try to grow some indoors this winter but I don't know how successful I will be. Also planted some Simpson Elite lettuce in the garden. I should probably get some carrots in the ground as well. Also hoping that we'll get green beans before the first frost, which isn't too far away!

We have an old metal computer desk that i used as my desktop for planting this year that I am considering turning in to a light stand for when I start my seed next year. I think that if I add some wood members, cheap casters, and modify the shelves I can have a pretty good stand for cheap. I have two (2) bulb lights but would like to have two (4) bulb lights for it. Keeping my eye out for those. Once I get the design on paper I'll do a build here and let you witness the catastrophe. 

I do have a good WOF of the Week picture but that will have to wait until later this week.

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