Friday, December 28, 2012

Good Week So Far

Chewie update!
He's still with us. The woman who picked us to foster hasn't contacted us about getting him back so we are just now contacting her to find out what's going on. But for all intent and purposes he's staying. He and The WOF have now been playing in the yard together and now seem to get along great. And as I type this they are both asleep and The WOF is snoring good.

I started framing up another bedroom upstairs a few days ago and have made some good progress.

Start (ignore the crap in the back)

After day one. My Father in Law helped me with this work. 

Yesterday I got the closet framed in, two cubby holes framed in, and set all of the boxes. 

I am going to start the wiring this weekend then will probably wait to finish the rest until after the new year. There is a lot to do and I can do most of it myself which saves a lot of money. This room will eventually be for The Youngest Boy plus help with overflow when family comes to visit. We can actually add another bedroom, a rec room, and a bathroom. The builder already installed the rough- ins for another hvac unit and plumbing so that will help in the future. Long road ahead on these projects and they will get done when I get the time. I've yet to get the garage ceiling finished but it's too cold to do that work now. I have a lot of items on my "To Do" list which seems to get longer and longer. 

Watching Northern Exposure again and The Wife is on me to post this so there will be another one tomorrow. 

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