Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas is Coming to the Dogs

And it is at a record pace. And I have been gently kicked in the arse for not posting for a while so I'll let everyone know what's going on in our neighborhood.

Well this past Saturday The Wife and I cruised out to do a little shopping and to see what's what. My main objective was to go to a pet adoption "show" at a somewhat local mall. I wasn't really interested in the shopping but we did get some done. We have been kicking back and forth about adopting another dog for the family as we are dog people, and since I lost my old cat years ago I don't think one could ever replace her so off to the hounds. I had originally started out looking for a Golden Retriever puppy, but we don't support puppy mills nor dog breeders that want $600.00 for a puppy. We are pound people, plain and simple. So at the adoption "show" we saw a few (they had a total of 5 dogs) that we really liked. Actually being said we'd taken all of them. Just the house couldn't take them! These people would take dogs and foster them out as they are a no- kill organization. Great people. We had a nice long talk with one of the foster's and he helped us in the right direction for adoption. What brought this on in the end? I found an older gentleman of 9 years named Bucky. Gray beard, probably a slow gait, needed a house with a ramp. My kind of guy.

Just found out that this great guy is being given a home. Sorry, we love dogs. We'll keep looking.

On the Christmas front things have been busy around the house. The Wife got the inside decorated with her 50,000 Santa's that she may share with you. It's kind of creepy sometimes. I worked on some of the outside and got it looking somewhat good. Not truly up to my usual standards but pressed for time. 

I got some planting done this weekend of Pansies and checked on how the cabbage was doing. 

That's Kale with a few Pansies thrown in. 

I do have a better post coming with more info but right now I need to get back to work. Oh, WOF of the Week. Long time for this so I'll let the picture do the talking. 

It's about what we are all feeling right now. Until next time (which will be real soon) keep your tails wagging. 

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