Thursday, November 14, 2013

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Well, that's what button says at the top? :)
Winter is coming and Mr. Frost has been the half acre. Lost all of the cucumbers which really didn't bother me too much. The Wife and I covered the lettuce and spinach and left everything else alone. She did a few harvests that I will be adding to next week's Harvest Monday. That along with  the last batch of peppers, etc that I keep forgetting about.

In other news The Wife lost her job, which she really didn't care about anyway so it wasn't a total bummer, but our insurance was with her job. And the following day Squeak and I go paintballing with his High School group and on the very first match, he steps in a hole and more that likely tore his ACL. Talk about a bad weekend. We'll see what the MRI says tomorrow and take it from there. So The Wife is home for a little while (severance package) so she can dream the life of a 'stay at home wife' and Squeak will be on crutches and therapy for a long time now. Guess that's the way it rolls sometimes. I have been talking to her more abut moving to Alaska, even going so far as looking for jobs but I don't think she is convinced yet. Maybe Asheville.

WOF of the Week. Pretty much how I feel lately.

More this weekend. Stay warm kids.

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