Sunday, February 7, 2016

February 7th?

Yes it is I guess. Where does the time go? This seems to be a running theme with me lately, always putting up a post saying "Yes, I've been missing." I am trying believe me. I do have reasons for my absence.

  • We are still hitting the gym and I'm now to the point where I don't care if people see me or not. I try and work hard at it and that's all that matters. Hardest thing is getting the mid section trimmed down but I can see it slowly going away. The thing I find difficult really is the pain the next day. The program I'm doing is involved with a lot of sets plus a few extra things I do at the end. Wow. The first week after my layoff was terrible. Keep pushing through. One thing that is nice is that we prepare all of our lunches pretty much for the week ahead of time. Saves some money and time throughout the week. 
  • Hit and miss upstairs right now. Weather hasn't been too kind. Needs to warm up a little. 
  • Work is about to get busier this year for us. We have a few good projects coming up that we're all looking forward to. 
  • Seed starting time! Yes, I started onions, peppers, and some flowers today. Not sure if I'll be putting up the light stand this year. It takes up some room. I probably should. Next weekend. 
  • Concentrating on the youngest and his college choice, choice of studies, scholarships, etc. A lot in this that I was unaware of. 
Other than that it's the same thing going on everyday. It's getting brighter everyday, which means it's lightish when I leave work to go home. Still TV- less although we have been cruising Netflix and Hulu. Sure I miss watching the Euro golf on the weekends but we are saving ourselves $100.00 a month. That money definitely goes elsewhere. 

I got off my buut last weekend (or so) and did some weeding around the garlic plants and looked at the carnage that was the rest of the garden. 

Well that's all for now. Except I just realized that it's Super Bowl Sunday. Obviously not watching it so GO PANTHERS! Leia says so too as she's purring away next to me on the couch.