Monday, March 27, 2017

Harvest Monday; March 27, 2017

No harvests to speak of. I never planned on growing anything over the winter and with our schedules I never saw the benefit of trying anything this spring. This doesn't mean that I've given up. I do have some spinach plants started that I hope to have in the ground next weekend along with some onion starts maybe. I say maybe as I've never had any luck starting onions from seed. In the mean time I have transplanted my Roma starts and as of last night transplanted the remaining tomatoes starts I have. Off the top of my head we are growing: Roma, Solar Flare, Better Boy, Mortgage Lifter, Box Car Willie, Rutgers, Grape, Rainbow, Katja, and Red Pear that I got from Seeds of Italy. Except for the Better Boy seeds, the remaining tomatoes are from my saved seed. Pretty happy about that. The Red Pear is a new try this year, based from Italian seeds. Interesting to see how they grow. I also bought some onion and flower seeds from them. Here's a link: Seeds of Italy.
Peppers are another story. I have great germination of bell peppers but nothing else. I meant to start more last night after the tomato work but was just too tired to get that done. Maybe tonight. 

See what I mean. Two rows of peppers out of the whole tray, sans a Cayenne pepper plant. I watered them really good last night and will give them a few days to make an appearance then it begins again.

Overall view of the growing stand. The onion starts are on top. 

WOF of the Week. The cat makes her first appearance in WotW. She lives the back porch. 

Short and boring, just like me :) Honestly, I'm not that short. Anyway check out other Harvests and people actually growing and harvesting things at Dave's site, Our Happy Acres


  1. I had germination trouble with several of my peppers too. It always amazes me - I had seed I saved from my peppers that was over 5yo and it came up fine, but seed I bought last year was dead. Makes me wonder just how 'fresh' the commercial seed really is. Cute WOF!

  2. Germinating hot peppers can be disheartening, they take so long to germinate and sometimes are just a bust. I've reseeded with newer seeds and will probably still need to purchase a few plants.