Monday, March 6, 2017

March It Is

With the weather from a few weeks ago it seemed summer had arrived in February, but alas now we are back down to where we should be. 60s daytime highs and 40s at night. Still not too bad but it does kind of suck after you get 3-4 days of 80. So into March we go.
I haven't really had anything to post for Harvest Mondays so I don't link on Dave's blog as of yet. We are hoping for a good harvest this year so I am going to really concentrate on proper feeding and soil composition. I know this should always be done and I do it at times but with our schedules its hard to really get it done. I have already started a tray of roma tomatoes, peppers (which still haven't come up), onions and flowers. I hope to get everything else planted this weekend. Well, it has to be done this coming weekend or I'll never get anything in the ground this year. I like to do my main garden planting Easter weekend. It would be nice to try to get some stuff started in the evenings but when I get home from work, we eat and socialize for a time, clean kitchen, then I go change and hit the gym. By the time I get back from the gym it's bedtime. Thinking of going back to morning gym routine.
Well enough of me rambling.

Romas you say? Yes and for a while I didn't think these things would germinate but they did. This is 2 year old seeds I used. And I got my soil block maker out for a run.

Princess Leia had to go on her first vet trip and wasn't really happy about it. 

But she does have her favorite blanket at home!

WOF of the week. Meal prep Sundays. This is THE Official food tester. Got to make sure that chicken, steak, eggs, etc. are safe for consumption. May take a few pieces to be sure. 

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