Monday, June 26, 2017

Harvest Monday; June 26, 2017

Hello and welcome to Harvest Monday from WOFdog farms. It's what we call the place. :)

Been a fairly good week here on the farm and aroundabout town too. Amy and I went to the farmer's market Saturday morning to look at a few things and pick up a few things. Peaches and corn are the big items selling right now. We picked up some tomatoes, white sweet potatoes, beets, peaches, salsa, and bruschetta from our bruschetta guy. Yes, we have a guy.  And it is good.

Now that's a sweet potato!

Little bird came walking/hopping by as we were getting our salsa like he owned the place. 

Farmer's market selfie.

Got home later in the day and got the garage cleaned out. It needed it.

Sunday was food shopping, cooking, prepping, and gardening. I got the Roma tomatoes planted out and planted 6 habanero pepper plants a neighbor gave us. Same neighbors that gave us a box of corn earlier in the week. Nice to know farmers. Amy picked green beans and few more cukes. We've been getting a steady supply of cukes all week.  I planted 2 rows of pole beans to show the critters I can do it. 

Romas planted out.

There are some watermelon in that pile.

More peppers>

Amy got this bed cleaned up.

Getting bell peppers now!

Amy's flowers by the pool.

Growing that propane tank. Getting big now. 

Caught some butterflies having some fun.

Moved the light stand into the garage which made Amy happy. Had to get it out of the office. I started broccoli, cabbage, leeks, brussel sprouts, spinach, and celery. 

Pickings from Sunday. 

Here's the weekly totals. 

WOF of the Week.
Here she is looking all regal behind the flowers. She loves her sunshine. Harvest Monday is hosted at Our Happy Acres


  1. Your garden is looking great, and it's a lot of work picking that many green beans from bushes. And you're doing amazing with seed starting for your fall crops. I really need to do that as well.

  2. Peaches and corn were big at our farmer's market this week too. We picked up a couple of tomatoes too. Amazing your getting bell peppers already!

  3. Interesting to see how crops vary from here in the UK right now. We are way behind you with corn for a start! Pole beans here are a summer crop so are now at the top of their poles and in flower. Wish our Farmers' Markets were as well supplied!

  4. Wow your FM looks huge. We don't get corn here too much of a space and water hog and other things are eating the peppers Lovely garden! I'll be starting fall crops next month