Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Growing Up and Family.

Well I certainly have been relaxed in getting a post up. Big weekend this past weekend; oldest son graduated high school, all of the family came down for the weekend to witness this, the girls made a beach trip Sunday and brought back seafood to cook for dinner that night, everyone left Monday, youngest with grandparents for some Mountaineer time, oldest went to beach for vacation before boot camp, leaving me, the wife, and the WOF. Don't have any pictures of the graduation or related activities until the wife gives them to me so that'll be next time.
Got a good harvest from the garden to go with the dinner Sunday night; green beans, more peas, and we pulled the potatoes up. Planted 5 lbs. and got about 10. Yukon Gold and I must say they had a great taste to them. Beans taste like beans. I do have more bush to plant.

Peas on the right are pretty much done so they'll be coming out this weekend. Need to take down those poles for the beans as I don't really need them. Need to find out when I can start the new batch of beans. Got new ones from Gurneys.

Big squash plants, the cukes have attacked my Tomatilo plants and are trying to pull them down. Peppers take forever to do anything but they have flowered out. 

Speaking of..... A lot more have started coming out bt this one will be ready in a day or so.

We cut the remaining lettuce and then pulled them out. Also pulled the cabbage as I never seem to grow it that well. We tried the onions but they're still not ready. These cherry tomatoes are looking a little leggy but they are setting the fruit.

And speaking of tomatoes, the Romas have started setting their fruit too. But the Better Boy and Big Boy's are not doing too well. The German Johnson is starting to set the fruit but for some reason, this year seems to be in slow motion for the garden. I've noticed not that many bees out this year. Others are doing well with theirs but our garden seems to be in slow motion. 

Flowers around the mailbox are really doing well. I notice last night that my Dianthus had bloomed out. The wife said it had been out for a while. They are certainly nice to look at. 

WOF of the Week. Well, as company was heading our way, someone had to get a bath, ears cleaned, and flea medicine. She was not a happy WOF when all was done and stayed in her bed the remainder of the evening.

Will get more up this weekend. 

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