Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Camp and Such

Well, as much as I say I'm going to 'jump right on this and keep up the posts' things get thrown out whack. I must admit that when free times rolls around other things seem to jump in. Anyway, with that being said the updates now are....

  • Oldest is summer camp, Parris Island style. I'm sure he's learning new crafts, canoeing, hanging out by the fire making s'mores. At least he picked the coolest months weather-wise to go. Can't call him dumb. We do miss him but it will end up being the best for him right now. 
  • Youngest pretty much ignores us as we are only allowed to call Mondays and Fridays. 
  • The WOF will be living elsewhere if she does not quit being a pest. 
Swearing in ceremony at the MEPS Station. It's official!

Standing by the flag after the ceremony. I have another one of mom kissing the boy as he's leaving but I don't think I'll put that one up. Anyway, he's learning the Marine life right now and I'm sure not in the best way. 

On the garden front the peas are done as well as the green beans. We were able to pick the last of them that the wife and I shared for dinner. There was just enough to feed us. We have been getting some good cucumbers off the plants, the corn is doing great as are the tomatoes. My squash is weirdly dying at the moment and I'm not sure why. I do have some space in the low bed so I may throw some seeds in it because I have a great recipe for squash relish and was hoping to can some. We have gotten a few squash off of the plants but now......
I must have planted two different types. Hmmmmm

I finally ripped out the peas and you can tell the beans need to go too. I do have some Romas to go in here in about 2 more weeks. I must be over watering the cukes. They are turning yellow and wilting up on me. 

I finally staked up the tomatilo plants and put the pea fencing up so the cukes in this bed could climb up instead of pulling everything down! It was like Christmas lights in there. Don't know if you can see but the carnival peppers are coming in. 

The tomatoes plants in front are the Romas and are they ever producing. I hope I get a good fall crop of these. 

Closer view of the Romas.

These cherry tomatoes are doing OK as well. The Big Boy and Better Boys are about 6" taller than myself right now. I don't know how but I can grow these things.

Got around this weekend to pulling weeds and mulching the front bed. Definitely looks better now. And the past two days we've been blessed with rain so that cut down on the watering timer. 

Now, every once in a while I will visit a webcam behind the 18th green at The Seve Ballesteros course at Cran Sur Sierre, Cran Montana, Switzerland. One day I checked it and they had it down for maintenance I guess, so I cruised the other cams they had. I found one that was looking down into the town of Sier. This resort is a skiing destination in the winter and host the the Omega Masters in September. If I could only play this course. It is sooooooo beautiful there. 
Here's the link to the site if you want to check it out. I may even do a separate post just about this place. I will be there before I die. http://www.tourism-crans-montana.co.uk/index.php?ong=2

WOF of the Week. 
She's at it again. Just didn't have the energy to 'stand and eat.' 

I don't know sometimes......
Hope all is well with you. Hope to make a post this weekend as we'll be north visiting family this weekend. Show you some of our old turf.

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