Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Good Harvest, Alex Wins & Two Fat Ladies

Well, we have finally got a good harvest of spring veggies. Peas and green beans and more lettuce and a cucumber (only one.)

About time for the lettuce to come out of the garden as the days are getting pretty warm (actually miserably hot!) Beginning to rethink this move southward. I'm still looking at northern California or Oregon. Wife says no but a few more weeks of 90 plus temps and it may be a go! :) Peas are pretty close to being done too. Not sure about the beans, which btw I thought I needed to get fencing up for them to climb on then realized they were bush beans, DUH! Oh well, still a good harvest and I bought more to plant again soon as I want to can a lot of these this year. 
Northern California coast. Near Eureka I believe and probably the best climate I've been looking for. Never gets too hot nor cold. 
Maybe not the best for gardening but I can build a greenhouse!

Anyway I am not going to bore you with a lot of pictures of the garden this time so just a few snap shots...
Did a good cutting on the tomato plants and tied them up a little better.

Flower mix I haphazardly threw in this side box is going strong.

During my travels last week I stopped in a local chain store to look around (actually get lunch and..... I bought a salad dressing that I thought looked good, took it back to the office and it tasted terrible. AND this is the second, yes second bottle I have bought. Must be the label because the stuff is awful. AND I have 2 bottles of the crap.) :(
Back to the point I found a DVD of a show I'd seen a few times a long time ago on PBS, Two Fat Ladies. It was a cooking show where these two 'ladies' would travel around on a motorcycle and sidecar, chain smoke, cook and appear to get soused in the process. They were smart mouthed and I missed watching it. Until now. 
This will be going into the DVD collection soon!

Playing around with the camera some and got a good image of the flowers around the mailbox. Not the best photographer but i like it. Plus I grew the flower which makes it better.

WOF Of The Week. Play time in our house consists of chasing each other around the living room, playing with her stuffed animals and 'attacking' each other. Her fighting position is butt up, low face and growling. Of course her tail wags all of the time. I actually got her mid- bark in this pic.

Alexander Noren of Sweden today won the Wales Open He's a great player and keeps a fantastic blog about his travels and his game. He updates it quite often so it is worth checking out.  Bolg link is at the bottom of the page. 

That's it for this week. Family is coming down later this week for my oldest's graduation so we are looking forward to seeing everyone. Hope all is well with you.

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