Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Birthdays, Driving, and Views Abound

With the oldest boy away at boot camp and the youngest boy at the grandparents the wife and I decided that it may be a good time to visit the youngest boy and our families over the 4th of July weekend. So then there is the drive up to WV. In my younger days this drive wouldn't bother me too much but lately....... I find the thought of extended travel in a vehicle daunting. We left after I got off from work on Friday, at noon, and listened to the book-on-CD of The Five People You Meet in Heaven. I asked the wife, "This was a book, wasn't it?" So that was replayed all weekend, mostly by myself. Duh! Oh well, we've all been there.
Wished the Dad a happy, belated birthday. another year and I hope there's a lot more to come. Being born at the depression was hardship on his family and he has great stories to tell about it. On a side note, I picked up some pictures of his family from his mother's side and plan on going through them for the Ancestry information I've been working on for a while.
Wish the good ole USA a happy birthday too! We may have our problems but people are still trying to get here!
On our way back down south, the Wife and I made a stop at Mt. Airy, NC and the Farmer's Produce store and picked up some fresh veggies. But before there we snapped a picture of the WV state capital building. It isn't the best but what we could do from the car. To my knowledge, it is the only state capital with a gold dome.

Back to the market, it is located in 'Tourist Trap Row' on route 52. I picked out some German Johnsons and a jar of Squash relish and the Wife got peaches and something else. And no I don't pay that close attention.
Then it was on to Pilot Mountain.

The top photo is of Pilot Mountain and the lower photo is of the landscape at the bottom of the valley, looking west I believe. It was still hot at the top of it!

The Roma's are starting to turn so Maybe next weekend we'll be doing some canning, then the new transplants will go in. Also starting some more squash as I managed to overwater them and kill them off. Ahhhh! Never learn. 

WOF of the Week.
So I come cruising in from the garage and look at what I see.
Can't sleep like a common dog. Puts her head on the pillow! She has been acting up lately, probably because we haven't been paying close attention to her. She stayed home this past weekend and she was really needy last night. She even got to sleep with the Wife. 

Until next time.

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