Saturday, December 24, 2011


Well, unexpectedly I received a new seed catalog this year from Territorial Seed Company in Oregon. I did look at their products last year but did not order from them. This year I believe I will since they are being proactive with their products! They do have a good selection and are worth taking a look at.

I will be building a cold frame soon and I have an old computer desk that I am going to turn into a seed cart for growing my spring vegetables. Stay tuned for this adventure! 2'-0" x 4'-0" lights seemed to be the hard thing to find as I don't want to spend the department store price. We have a Restore here in town but I never seem to catch the lights I want there. I'll keep looking but only until the first of February; that's when I start the majority of my seeds.

Well, Christmas Eve is upon the family and supper is being served. Talk at you tomorrow.

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