Wednesday, December 28, 2011

More Catalogs

Came home today to a surprise.... more catalogs.

 I must say that I was not expecting these to come in, except the Gurneys catalog. I did order from them this past year and was quite happy with the products I received. Even got myself a hat! Anyway, received catalogs from aforementioned Gurneys plus Burpee and Henry Fields. Now, everyone knows of Burpee. They cover every Lowes and Home Depot from coast to coast and I have to admit it was my primary seed source last year. There wasn't a week that went by that I wasn't browsing their life size, colorful display of
packets galore! But this year will be different! You can order most of your seeds online, get greater quantities at cheaper prices. Just don't buy the garden tools, light stands, etc. from the mail order companies. This will cost you an arm, leg, and part of your frontal lobe. This is why the ex computer cart will be the new light stand. Burpee has a "Deluxe" two tier Glow 'n Grow Light Garden Cart, which will hold 8 plats and rolls around on 4 wheels. All for the low price of $460.95. But it is for the serious gardener. Which is why I'm not getting one. Let me get you a picture of this Guinea Pig for you.

I figure I can get 3 plats on a bottom level and 3 plats on a mid level. Not as big as I thought it was. Doesn't look like much but it's heavy enough. The top measures 20" x 35 3/4". Figure on each plat being 10 1/2" x 21 1/4". A little overhang on the ends but I can live with that. I will have to take out the posts in the middle- right but I will find a way to mount the shelves on the outside. And find a way to mount casters on it. I did use this desk this year to help with my plantings so I need to find a coating for the top as it is starting to bubble. Next is design phase which will take a few days. Will keep you updated.

Waiting on spring.

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