Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Fast Decision

OK. After 4 hours on Friday with the young boy and myself and two hours today with the wife included we have decided to make an offer on this place....

It needs some power washing and miscellaneous clean-up outside but it does have a great dimensional shingle roof and good curb appeal. The top picture is standing about on the property line to the neighbor so it is a good size front yard. There is no neighbor to the left.

The back yard is already fenced for the WOF. It does slope a little but nothing I can't handle. I'm from WV so this is very, very, very minor! The yard actually extends past the back fence into the trees beyond so there's room to grow. I can get a pool off of the deck back there, put my greenhouse at the far left end and build the beds along the fence to the left.

A plus is a bonus room over the garage. Another plus is that all of the bedrooms are on the main floor. No more climbing stairs! It is about 1,720 square feet in size on about .64 acres. Not the farm homestead we were hoping for but referencing the earlier post, it is the Art of Compromise. Our Realtor believes we can get this house at a very good price. It is a foreclosure but was well taken care of. This is the compromise. A good, solid home for the family and something I can work with. Being in construction my whole life I am really looking forward to start. We decided the carpets need replaced and I am putting hardwood floors in the main room and tile in the kitchen. Of course pictures of before and after will be taken!

Six hours of looking. A fast decision to be sure but one I feel good about. Hopefully the process will go smoothly and we would be able to close by the end of March. That will give us two months to get what we need done there, slowly move things in, and have this place ready for the leasing company the first of June. With the oldest boy shipping out to Afghanistan sometime in April it will be a busy spring. Garden beds are of paramount as I have a lot of plants needing homes! 

And as if right on cue, the car rolled over 133,000 miles on the way there. That's something I don't need to deal with. Keep going baby!


  1. Congratulations! I'm on a half acre and you can do a lot with that.

  2. Looking forward to it Tami. Made offer today and if they accept, it will be the deal of deals.