Sunday, February 5, 2012

February Already

OK. This year is already moving too fast. Seems like a whirlwind. Back and forth from WV, then back to work last Thursday (on the road all day), about 2 weeks behind on work, and dealing with all of the paperwork and tracking of stuff after Dad passed. Thanks Tami for the comment. I certainly appreciate it.

On the garden front.
I started my tomatoes today. Maybe a little early but I hope to get them good sized before the time to get them in the ground. I didn't realize it until I started plating the seeds that I have 7 varieties of tomatoes! Mortgage Lifter, Better Boy, Green Zebra, Jelly Bean, Brandywine, Roma, and Kobe Beefsteak. Next weekend is peppers, then cukes and squash and remaining items the following week. Now I've got to figure out where to plant this stuff. Plus I have the marigolds, straw flowers, impatients, , phlox, and 4 get me nots going right now too. I need to see what else I need to start next weekend flower- wise. I have quite a bit in that area but I have another problem.

My wife and I have been talking about purchasing a home for the past few months. Nothing really too serious but just kinda tossing the idea around. We have renting a home for the past 5 years and enjoy our neighborhood and neighbors. Now that the oldest is off doing his Marine thing at Lejeune we are down to three plus the WOF. We went out looking around yesterday, trying to find that spot between her work and mine, southern Wake or Johnston county. We found a few that would work and may put an offer on a couple to see what we could do. Three homes we found were not too far apart, each on over an acre, small in size but could be added on to and were very reasonably priced. Great yards for my new greenhouse and spread of gardens! And the wife has room for her pool. We found a few others that were more in price but still could work. One was a new home on about 3/4 acre that I really liked but the price was probably more than we were looking for. :( We will keep searching and see what's out there that will work for both of us and keep the banks out of our pockets.

Here's a picture of one of the back yards of those cheaper houses. Look at this back yard!

All the way past the building. This is off of the back deck of the home.

Plants have been doing well. Lettuce and broccoli will be going in the garden next weekend. Flowers are doing good as well and will more than likely be transplanted next weekend as well. More space in the platts!

A view of the garden lettuce. I planted a few seeds to see if they would take off since we've had the mild winter. 

Like I said, don't know how involved I'll get with the actual planting due to the home search. 

Off to do some work to try to catch up, which I think I never will. Also cruise some blogs and greenhouse sites!

BTW, my helper and I went on a really long walk this morning cruising houses in the neighborhood, so she wasn't much help today. 

Even in my Gurney's hat! WOF is worthless. 

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