Sunday, February 12, 2012

Homesteading and the Art of Compromise

OK. So the wife and I have been concentrating our efforts towards a new place to call home. First, I don't remember property being so costly. Secondly, what do some people think of when they decorate? I am a neutral, beige and pea green sorta guy. Blue shag carpet? Purple walls? Really? To each their own, that's what I say BUT if you are putting your house on the market, hoping to get a fair price, try to make it appealing. Back to my topic (I ramble at times and did very poorly in english in school so please forgive me), as we have been doing the search around town and over hill and dale, it has dawned on me that the wife and I may be seeing things a little differently. Big shock, I know. I have been searching for something with a good amount of property, something we can build on and can be picked up for a very reasonable amount. Very open neighborhood and quiet surroundings. I have found several locations that suit this need and the wife somewhat likes them as well.

Now, what I believe she wants is something more of a move- in condition type of residence that already has the pool for her and minimal remodeling effort. Something newer I guess is what I am trying to say. Sadly, most of these types of homes are in developments which may or may not have certain restrictions on what you are able to do. I would say that most do not. Plus you have neighbors. Not in itself all bad but you want to make sure you are on their good side.
Homesteading is what I guess I am looking for. Home is what she wants. To the art of compromise. Where does one learn this art and how do you make it apply to what you and your partner have in a goal? I suppose it boils down to how selfish do you want to be. She has found some nice places that I could work with. I have found some that I could make work for her. Hopefully we can get through this with a good sense of what's best for both of us, the young boy, WOF, and whomever else wants to weigh in. We are DIY's so remodeling and fixing up is not a problem. And I could get some new tools! There's always a positive if you look for it.
What brought up the homesteading for me was a copy of Mother Earth News that I picked up at the local big box garden/lumber/appliance/electrical/plumbing/etc. home center. I never gardened before until several years ago. I am hooked to say the least. The February/March issue is enlightening to say the least, where the main article is Learn to be Self Sufficient; Advice from Homesteading Experts. Self Sufficient. A person can definitely gain by living this way. The benefits outweigh the costs by a long shot. I'll keep you updated on the adventure.

As I sit here typing this  the wind outside is whipping the 34 degree air temperature around like no body's business. It's cold and I don't like it. As I aged it finally dawned on me why the older folks moved to Florida. The weather's nice in the winter. Then they drive north for the summer. I don't know if I'll do that some day but I do see the appeal in it.

I started the peppers, a few more tomatoes from a pack I didn't know I had, and Eggplant. I now need to concentrate on the herbs. I am going to get those going in their final resting place, whatever container I can find to plant them in.

Off to do some work work, then maybe a Thin Man movie tonight.

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  1. I hear ya on the whole "compromise" thing. SM and I go back and forth and you're right! I want homestead and counrty life. He wants burbs and a more modern lifestyle. So I guess I gave in. I can't do the homestead thing on my own without his "buy in" so to speak. But really, other than livestock everything else I can do here in my backyard. Thank God no HOA fees!