Sunday, October 14, 2012

Mid Peep

Well, we walked up to the top of Chimney Rock yesterday morning. I got up there first as the crew had a little more difficult time of it.

They took the elevator back down and I walked the stairway back down. They had a rock climbing guy at the base where the parking lot is so the Boy gave it a try. He wasn't climbing sideways, damn Blogger puts it on the page that way. Tilt your computer. 

Then we cruised through Chimney Rock Village, had some dinner, played putt putt golf, shopped, and walked by the creek running through town. I could have this outside of my window every night. Nature's noise machine. 

A little more shopping and we found this.

We got some really good deals on trail shoes there too. 40% off so you can't beat that.

Well off to DuPont State Forest this morning to see some falls then (sigh) back to the house. I told the Wife yesterday that I'd move here tomorrow. And I mean that. I miss my hills.

See you tonight. And The Wife took a lot of pictures with her good camera so she may get a guest blog too. :)

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