Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Peep Has Left the Building

The Mountains Are Calling And I Must Go. John Muir

DuPont State Forest was the trip for today and it did not disappoint, except for all of the Yankee tourists. It seemed overnight that the trees said "Shit, we'd better start changing colors now." There was definitely more color today than yesterday. It was also a little cooler and damp so to me that's the ideal day. I'll just post the pictures.

I toyed with a black and white shot of these falls too.

The last picture was of Corn Mill Shoals on the Little River. It was a hike to get to this area but we were alone when we got there. Another situation developed that caused me (and still is) pain was I started having heal spur pain on my left foot. I hobbled to this area and back out and continued to hobble for the rest of the day. Still hurts tonight. 

Anyway a good trip although too short for my taste. Next time we'll definitely stay longer. And hopefully this has brought out the inner outdoor explorer in the family. I enjoy getting out but never make time for it. The boy used to like going but has other ideas now. Raven Rock State Park is not too far from us so we're talking about going this coming Sunday. Get off our rumps! Get out!

Back to work tomorrow, sigh :( That's it for tonight kids so off to bed. Get your peep on.

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