Saturday, October 13, 2012


Who came up with that phrase anyway? Well, that's what we are doing this weekend. I've been on the road at least 4 days a week the last several weeks plus busy weekends means stress relief, so there's nothing better than driving 5 hours in the dark to a cabin in the mountains for a quick shutdown. We are staying at Bat Cave, NC (and yes, every time we say that the jingle is sung by someone) and are going to go peeping with all of the tourists. Chimney Rock, Lake Lure, plus anything else we can find to do. When we got here last night, the boy and I walked out in the backyard and within 10 minutes were staring at the Milky Way. So many stars! I haven't seen that many in probably 30 years.
Well, off to do some sightseeing. Sorry about the absence.

Pictures off of the back deck of the cabin this morning.


  1. We're heading up that way today for a "day trip". On the hunt for some apples. And some peeping. Have fun!

  2. A few trees have changed but not many. Tourists are everywhere, including us. Hitting DuPont Forest on way home. Have fun!