Sunday, November 25, 2012

2013 Garden

Well, I finally have sat down and made out my seed list for the year of 2013. A work in progress for sure but pretty close to what I want.

Items in this color are new for me.

Mortgage Lifer
German Johnson
Large Red Cherry
Abe Lincoln
Amish Paste
Cherokee Purple

California Wonder
Yolo Wonder

Sugar Ann Snap

Early Prolific Straightneck
Dark Green Zucchini

Scarlet Nantes

Marketmore 76
Boston Pickling Improved

Utah 52-70 Tall Improved Celery
Red Creole Onion
Texas Early Grano Onion
Yukon Gold Potato (I'll get these tubers from the big box store)

I did some searching last night and made this list primarily from a company called Sustainable Seed Company. They deal with heirloom seeds only so if I have half a mind I'll be able to save some from these crops for the following year. They also carry Safety Seed Packages if you're in to the Prepping thing. Maybe not a bad idea.  I have noticed a lot of the seed companies have started carrying these.

The standard plethora of herbs will be planted as well. Basil, Oregano, and Chives to name a few. I also have my packages of flower seeds I got at $0.10 a piece. And I have an idea about my cracking vegetables. I believe they have been getting too much sun. My beds are in an open field with no shade whatsoever. This year I will build a trellis over the beds to see if that will help. I also need to get a small building up near the beds so I don't have to trek stuff back and forth. And my cold frame construction has to start. A lot to do so it's good to plan now.

Watching Alaska; The Last Frontier right now. Decent show. I like seeing the landscapes. Maybe move there so day. Off to eat some ice cream and veg.


  1. HA! Found the Alaska show the other night. Mezmerizing. Great life, but not sure it's one for me.

    Anyway, I had the same splitting fruit problem with my tomatoes. The blog clan came up with deep watering every several days allowed the ground to dry, thus the fruit swelled. I've put in irrigation that I run more regularly then my previous feeble attempts at hand watering, so we'll see how that goes.

    I've made the switch with my pigmy pomagranite (which I'm sure I just misspelled) and I don't have any split fruit this year. They all split last year. We'll see.

  2. Funny that. I use a drip irrigation system for all of my plants except beans and peppers and I had nothing but split tomatoes. Last year I live in another home that provided some shade on the plants to where they only received about 6-8 hours of sunshine. That is my reasoning for a trellis or greenhouse shade of some sort.