Monday, November 12, 2012

Secessioning, Prepping, and ing

OK. So now the petitions are circulating from at last count 22 states wanting secession from the United States of America, my state included. Really. Do they think this would turn out well? I made a big blurb about it on FB earlier and I will not bore you with it now. Let's just say that in my normal smart- ass way I think it is a waste of time. If you feel that bad about they way things are going, Mexico or Canada. Either way and you'll be happier. So will I.

Which brings me to prepping. New season starts this week and as part of my blurb I added the prepping theme into my post. What the hell, I'll put the post at the bottom. And if you haven't seen this show, check it out.

Gardening. Took some pictures of the garden today. Lettuce doing real good, more than we can eat actually. Had The Boy pick the remaining peppers so I can cut them up and freeze them when I get back in town. The red cabbage is growing albeit slowly as is the broccoli. All of the plants got a good freeze on them so time to pull out the remaining stuff except the cabbage and broccoli. Shoot, I also picked some carrots today. Not many as they didn't really seed right but they are good.

Mole-ing. I have a nice surprise for my resident moles. I looked for the poison worms by Tomcat but they don't ship or sell in NC I guess. So it is off to a more inhumane way to rid myself of these things. Let's just say it has spikes. I crushed down a lot of tunnels today to see which ones are active then I'll set it up.  They are doing a number on our yard. 

Election-ing. Now that the mess of electing our nation's leader is over I hope we move forward (and yes, I voted for him.) I am a Democrat but I am a very conservative Democrat. Probably a moderate Republican can also describe me but my Dad would turn over in his grave if he knew I switched sides. Never voted straight party ticket, never will. So now it is up to our congressional leaders to do their job, which is to work for us. I don't agree with everything President Obama has done and hopefully everyone up there can get their heads together and work this out with him. Just tired of the nonsense. 

Here's my famous/infamous FB post if you want to read it. Until next time get prepping kids. 

Now, we have all seen and/or heard about these petitions from numerous states wanting to secede/withdraw from the United States of America and start their own government. Here's mine from NC- 
OK, so you want to leave the USA and start The Independent Republic of North Carolina? Do the people "signing" these petitions actually know what the end result would be? Here in TIRoNC the "Government" can barely get out of it's own way and can't be trusted with the money they receive in the first place. Granted we do have a large number of military bases here so we should be safe for a while, available land for farming and livestock, we are starting to frack the hell out of the ground so hopefully natural gas will be plentiful (forget the regulations please; those get in the way), technology centers everywhere a
nd research parks out the wazzoo, and a diversified workforce with talents beyond recognition. I now see may taxes in the mid 40% range from now on, gasoline going to $15.00 a gallon, groceries rising by about 50%, my insurance disappearing since I won't be able to pay it, and my friends leaving to go to The USA! From 1950 to 1991 NC averages 14 tornadoes a year, and in that time frame there have been 12 hurricanes. Looks like I was low on my tax estimate. Good ole USA won't be helping us now. Or would it be an aid package? Hmmmm. Watched several episodes of Doomsday Preppers last night. Thought these people were a little on the crazy side but now I am starting to see their logic. I'm not going to be trying to save the family from solar flares, economic collapse (close though), the US Government taking my guns (which they might now), nuclear weapons or another rogue government trying to take us over (again which they might now since SC has their own petition.) I'm going to try to save the family from the people signing these petitions. Now I have to get a damn passport. And a word to the people of SC............ stay out!

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