Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Clark Griswold and Other Holiday Cheer

Well November has come and almost gone so that only means one thing.... my favorite holiday! I have already seen some houses decorated in the festive joy of lights outside and Christmas trees in the living room windows. I actual was so enthralled with one house's display two nights ago that I passed the road leading to our neighborhood. All of this brings me to my buddy Clark. I can say that he's a kindred spirit in a way. I love to decorate the outside of the house and yard. I get a kick out of it because I know young kids like seeing the holiday lights and dream for December 25th. There will be no lighting the eaves of this house though as the roof pitch is about a 7 on 12. I have gotten smarter with age in some aspects and the thought of falling off of the roof is not very appealing. I will probably do the front porch, bushes in front, and lay lights in the yard. I have done the yard lighting before and it provides an alternative to the whole house scheme and looks cool to boot!
Now The Wife has an obsession with The Big Guy. I don't know what her Santa count is up (80?) to but I know it's a lot. She does a great job on the inside and this past weekend we got a few pieces from the thrift stores to add to our collection. Tree will be had this Saturday for the main room and she has her separate Gone With the Wind and Military trees. Santas will be everywhere! Maybe I should get fat too just in case?
The discussion has been going back and forth on whether we want to go north right after Christmas to visit and I am finally to the point of just staying home and having a quiet time with just us. I travel so much for my job now that the idea of traveling during that time is so unappealing. I just want to relax and watch the continual airing of A Christmas Story all day. Great movie, right up there with The Muppet Christmas Carol (a personal favorite.) I have seen previews to A Christmas Story 2 but it does not look appealing. I think we'll skip it.
We pretty much have the gifts needed picked out waiting for their purchase. Got to get some nuts and eggnog. And I may have a surprise for everyone this year :)
I'll get some pictures this weekend of the holiday congress at our home for you. Until then, remember to check all of the bulbs!

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