Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Looking to Fall

Well I accomplished quite a lot this weekend in getting the fall garden going. My row covers came in so I re- planted two rows of carrots, more broccoli, red and stone head cabbage, brussel sprouts, leeks, and collards good in the field bed. I then turned cleaned out a couple of the raised beds, composted them, then planted loose leaf and mix salad blends and radishes in one of them. Some of the tomatoes are still doing fairly decent so I left them in but pulled out the eggplants and picked a lot of peppers, which will be for next Monday's harvest.

It was hot to say the least. I spent I know about 7 hours out there planting, weeding, and covering. All in the name of food.

One last thought today in an ode to Tami.

Keep the matches hidden kids.

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