Saturday, August 31, 2013

Of Mice and Mouses

Get a text from The Wife while was on a jobsite this week. A mouse ran in front of her in the garage. Mouse Armageddon has begun here at the half acre.  She hates them with a passion. It is understandable where we live at since we are surrounded by tobacco fields and tree farms. It's not the first time we've had them but I have been pretty successful in trapping them in the past. So it's "clean out garage day." Mentions of getting a cat and mouse- proofing the floor vents also came up but I don't think we'll go that far.
Up early this morning with the dogs and it was clear as could be, stars everywhere. Now we are covered in a fog bank.

Sorry about the image but this tablet takes very bad pictures. I had to get a keyboard for my laptop and ended up losing a clip that held in the ribbon that connects it to the board. Only me. Finally get around to fixing it and stopped within 5 minutes of getting the new parts. I use this Microsoft Surface tablet, mainly when I travel as it is so much smaller than the laptop but the keyboard is small too. Well, that should have gone without saying. Off to the garage and maybe gardening later. My row covers came in so hope to get everything else cleared out and planted.

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