Thursday, April 17, 2014

Home Alone- 3

"Last day of freedom from tyranny and oppression." Not really but the people are on their way home today so we shall meet up this evening (I had a speech worked out after the first line but didn't want to bore you with it.) Also last day of work this week as I am off tomorrow! Yes!
Spent some time yesterday evening covering up what I could due to the frost warning. After looking at some other blogs today I feel lucky. Snow in mid- April? Nope. It's been a winter to remember for a while. I do predict a decent summer this year. Maybe a little on the cool side but none of the Ark- building rains we had last year (fingers crossed.)

Picture from webcam just a few minutes ago.

All of the plants seem to have made it through OK the last few nights. Surprising for me as usually there's something that always goes wrong. 
Case in point; walking dogs this morning, one pulls and phone goes flying out of my hand. Shattered screen. Something for tomorrow but something I didn't want to deal with. 

See you later. :/

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