Monday, April 28, 2014

Past Week Review

My Staycation was last week and this morning on the way back to work I had a chance to mentally take stock of what I got accomplished.
Not as much as I wanted but enough.

Finally got the out building sided, painted, ramped, doored.

Saturday morning.

Sunday evening shots. Painted it to closely match the house.

I have to level out the ramp a little and secure it to the ground and build a step for the door. A lot of work when you do most of it by yourself. 

We also got our daughter-in-law moved out of their apartment and now she is a full time resident on our half acre. She brought her cat, Gunner, which likes to terrorize the dogs. Ginny wants to play and Chewie ignores him. They'll get along soon enough. 

I also built a berm bed for flowers at the north side of the garden. 

Speaking of daughter-in-laws, she has been good enough to start an herb collection this weekend, including planting out The Wife's herb bed I bought her. 

Tour some more.

Strawberries are finally coming in. We have a lot of sets on.

Two year old bush beans have come up but no corn sprouts yet. I did check to make sure the seeds were good. 

Blue Lake pole beans have also started up.

Garlic and onions.

Overall garden view as of Sunday, April 28th. 

Landscaping looking good after some minor clean- up work. 

Hope everyone has a good week!

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  1. You got a lot done! Looks great; I like the shed.