Monday, July 20, 2015

Harvest Monday; July 20, 2015

Good late Monday to you. Daphne's Dandelions is the place to be!
Been a good week for produce coming out of the garden. It is still a mess and needs weeded badly but I just don't have the time to do it. Here's a peak at this weeks sheet.

Yes, tomatoes are the stars again. I actually picked 22 lbs of Romas on the 17th. 

So you can imagine (no pun intended) we did a lot of canning this weekend. I took some of last weeks harvest and added in some more that I picked on the 17th and made 29 pints of pizza sauce. Then Amy went out and picked up another 20 lbs so hopefully they will get used tomorrow. 
My pickings from Friday, mostly Rutgers.  

Here's a few glamour shots (it is sad that I do these.)
Solar Flare. I already saved some seeds of these as they are definitely going in the garden next year.

Just a beautiful Rutgers. I use these for my main canning maters. 

This is a Pantano Romanesco. I salted it before I took a bite and it doesn't need salt. Interesting flavor. Amy wasn't impressed but I kind of like it. Saving some seeds anyway.

Cucumbers are still going strong along with the eggplants (surprising as we didn't do too well with them last year), peppers and chili peppers. Even got the garlic sorted out. It's been drying for a while. And the first squash of the year has been picked.

Not sure if we'll get too much more off of the green beans. They seem somewhat played out but it could also be the weather we've been having. Storm every evening then 100 degree days. I am surprised more of the tomatoes aren't split and the cukes are still alive. Still haven't thought about the fall garden but I had better do something soon. 
Hope your Monday was a good one and I'll see you soon. 


  1. Lovely harvests. They are really rolling in for you now. I don't think I'd survive many 100 degree days. That is way too hot.

  2. Your peppers and eggplants are doing great and it looks like your garden is going strong.