Monday, July 27, 2015

Harvest Monday; July 27, 2015

Quick post as I've got canning to do :)
Here's this weeks' spreadsheet.

A little over 57 lbs this week. Yes, tomatoes..... A lot of them. I did get some work done in the garden this week but not nearly as much as I needed to. I stored up all of the onions in the storage building. I fastened some plastic netting to the underside of the trusses and put them up there. Got more than I thought. Still have some white onions in as I didn't start them until a month after the other ones. Also been on a seed- saving binge. Going to have a good collection.

Told you it was going to be short. Visit Daphne's Dandelions to see other "Harvest Mondays."


  1. Haven't even had our first ripe tomato yet...I hope that I'm as tired of dealing with them by the end of August as I was last year.

  2. Wow 57 pounds is a lot. Have fun canning!

  3. I need to tie up the tomatoes a little better, too. I've been pulling off the blooms because I want the plants to be taller and stronger before they bear fruit. And when that fruit comes.... wow!