Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Item One of My Time

Wow, two posts in so many days.
I have said that I will share what's been keeping me busy this summer and here is one item, if you didn't pick up on it yesterday.

The Wife and kids wanted a pool so we got one. I will say it is nice to get in after a long day. I didn't put it up (done that before) but I had to stop another project I'm trying to get done to build a deck onto this thing. 

Sorry that I don't currently have a better picture of it right now. It will get stained this fall after we shut the pool down for the year. The only thing left this year is building a gate for it. The pool itself is 15'-0" x 30'-0" and about 48" deep? Guessing. 

So that's one of my busy spots that I hope to have off my plate by this weekend. Then back to the other project. 

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