Monday, May 30, 2016

May Days

Yes, 3 posts in May. Seems to be a new record for me this year.
Things are going swimmingly along here on the homestead. I half laughingly stated that as it's been the rainy season here this year. Not that we are complaining too much but it makes for muggy afternoons. Garden- wise everything is planted including my sweet potato slips that came in earlier this week. Had to run a fence line for them too. All tomatoes are staked out and beyond weeding there's not much more to do right now. Speaking of tomatoes I believe we didn't plant any cherry tomatoes so that may have to be fixed with a trip to the store. Let's take a tour.

Daylillies. My favorite.

Tomatoes getting blooms.

Cucumbers doing nicely.

Main garden beds. See, tomatoes are staked. Did them early this year!

Green beans in the field.

Strawberries are blooming. These are the ones we transplanted earlier this year and thought we lost most of them but they've seemed to have pulled through. I need to weed the bed. 

Wife's corner flowers and the mix. 

That's the Wife's sunflowers on the left.

That's about it for this week. I always say I'm going to blog more and I will try to.
Happy Memorial Day to everyone and thanks to all that have served our great nation.

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