Sunday, May 15, 2016

May Showers

Yes we have had our fair share of rain this month although the past few days have been pleasant. Today we reached a high of 65 degrees which is welcomed around here, since summers seem brutal.
Seem to have most of the garden in now. I was going to say all but I just remembered that there are a few melon seeds that need planting. Tomatoes, peppers (need a few more bells), garlic, onion, squash, and green beans are set and growing. Did some weeding this weekend to, trying to stay ahead of them this year.

Banana peppers.

Garlic and onions. 

A few tomatoes and peppers.

Long bean bed. Blue Lake bush beans.

Planted three more rows of beans in the field.

Looking healthy now. Time to do some staking. 

Poor kitten locked out on the porch. She is a premadonna for sure. 

Other than that everything seems to be moving along. Looks like we'll hopefully get the pool open next weekend, which means I need to get off my butt and get the pump set up again. Poured a small pad for it and the filter yesterday so no more concrete patio blocks!
Stay cool.

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