Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Busy Times are Here.

Wow. It has been busy around here in this family. I am completely buried at work, wife is too, and oldest just started on golf team again this year. First tourney was yesterday and I missed it.
On the garden front, not much has changed. STILL haven't built the cold frame and from now on I don't think i will. I instead will plan on covering part of one of the beds with clear plastic and use it that way. Which brings up another interesting observation I found this morning.
Yes, I put my lettuce and cabbage in the ground this past weekend and we got hammered with rain Monday night. They don't look too good so i need to work on them to get them up again. Hope I can or it'll be seeds this weekend. 
I have started some flower seeds and eggplant, which I forgot. Otherwise the transplants are looking pretty good right now. 

The cukes and tomatoes will be moving to a bigger area soon by the looks of things. The bottom picture shows some lavender and Shasta Daisies that I did on a whim. I definitely need more lights and a better way to arrange things. Looking for an old metal shelf that I can put casters on to use as my light stand. The ones in the seed books are way over priced.
Hitting yard sales this weekend for some good containers as I'm going to need a few with all of the crazy stuff my wife and I are going to do this year. We need to move to a place with a bigger yard!

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