Thursday, March 31, 2011

Covered Bridges, Mills, and Garden Plan.

First let say that i am not happy with the way this spring has sprung so far. I know we need the rain here but forty degrees?!? Really? Looks we will be back on a warming trend and not a moment too soon! I need to get things started outside soon before my wife kills me for littering the house with seed plats and containers. Which btw....
A view of most of the plants/flowers i have going on. 

This has the maters, cukes, peppers and give-aways shown.
I did a lot of transplanting to these peat pots over the last week.

This has the forgetmenots, nasturtium, and other assorted flowers. 
I hope they turn out as good as I hope.

I also have to say that the oregano, chives, cilantro, basil are not shown due to room. I also have some more flowers to get going but may direct- plant them. It's funny when I think about it. I never used to like gardening at all up until a few years ago and then really got into it last year. I came home last week and my wife says to me "Really, more seeds?" Now I could have a girlfriend, be a gambler or whatever but now seeds are my passion. I could have a lot worse habits!

I travel some for my job and yesterday I had some free time between jobsites and meetings so I did some exploring via gps and found...
Bunker Hill Covered Bridge. One of only two known remaining in NC.

View from the other side. 

Plaque. Originally built with no nails, just with wooden pegs.

I find it fascinating the engineering knowhow of that era.

And i also found Murray's Mill.
Sadly the information center was not open. You can tell by the water cascading down the amount of rain this area has had recently. 

Well hopefully a lot of planting this weekend and building as well. Still have to finish the forth bed. Update Sunday evening, maybe sooner if I get off my butt.

And as The WOF would say, "Quit bothering me boy!"

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