Wednesday, October 5, 2011

What in the ......., Really?

My job requires traveling to different project sites from time to time and here lately it seems all I have been doing is driving.  I bet I probably have about 3,000 miles under my butt from the month of September alone. And I have to say I'm not like most people when it comes to driving. First, I really don't speed over the limit. I see no sense in getting someplace 10 minutes sooner by speeding. After you get the ticket you'll see that it is not worth it. Secondly, I don't listen to the radio unless it's NPR (news) or I may throw in a CD (which I have been buying lately.) Other than that, it's silence. Oh, if I can  find a ball game or talk radio on the AM dial, I go there. But most of the time it is silence. It gives me time to think and I also like to look around, especially this time of year. Leaves will be changing real soon and I'm not going to miss this! I also people watch, seeing the different types of drivers that usually go past me, or on the rare occurrence I pass them. Case in point.......

Honestly my first though was "Circus around here?" But as I passed it was an older couple on their way somewhere. And this fellow was traveling a good highway speed. I don't know if it was their stuff that they had, just bought, or were getting rid of. I make it a point of not joking about people's situation in life but the load did catch me off guard. 

Got a phone pic from the oldest boy this past weekend I wanted to share with you. He says he looks good in this and I suppose in a way he does. 

If he gets shipped overseas, I want to see this stuff from head to toe!

Getting something out of my truck a few nights back.

Now this is what I call determination or a bad GPS system. Must be the same type we have as it couldn't find it's way out of a bag. You can see on the left where he (she?) climbed up the side of the mailbox, cruised around the top, then decided that there wasn't much to see.

Seriously???!!!!! This picture was taken Friday, SEPTEMBER 30TH!!!!! And so it $&^**@#@ starts. There needs to be a statute on the books of every town across the USA stating that no Christmas decorations, displays, and/or selling of merchandise shall take place until the weekend after Thanksgiving, period. Give me a break. I might as well go ahead and wish you Happy Holidays now!

Garden- wise, I think I'll start on some carrots and onions for spring picking and try (this time successfully) to get some cabbage to come in. More on this later though. 

Talk at you soon.

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