Thursday, April 12, 2012

And They Said That They Could Take It!


The tomatoes that is. They told me that they were stronger than they appeared but noooooooo, they were just Pansies.
Inlaws came in this past weekend to deliver the youngest boy and see the oldest one while he's home on his pre- deployment leave. Met with the Realtor Friday morning to look at more houses to see if anything else peaked our interest. A couple did but we decided to continue to wait for the short sale and give a solid date of another week of waiting before moving on. End of June is our move out date so that's motivation in itself. Spent the afternoon basically goofing off. Saturday morning arose so it was time to cut the hay yard and clean up that mess. Also cleaned up all of the siding on the house that was starting to grow mildew. We never had this problem in WV but it seems prevalent here in NC, at least in my area. Must be the high humidity? Anyway, got the cleaning done and decided that I would give my father in law some plants to take back to WV for his garden as I had so many and it seemed like I'd never get them in the ground this year. So away I went, bringing all of the plants outside and putting them into their bigger homes for the northward trip. At the time it didn't seem like I was out there that long but after the transplanting was complete, I had spent the better part of 4 hours in the sun with these self- imposing wannabees. Needless to say what I found the next morning in the garage was total death. Not total, but more like some decided to join their cult leader and take the ride to the hereafter.

I know it says image but as I sit here in Starbucks I realize that all of my pictures are on my flash drive at the office! I'll go ahead and let you imagine what will appear later. I will get the pictures uploaded tonight, promise.
The $1.00 tomato is exceeding all boundaries and is doing quite well. I removed a few of the  growing vines and left a few to continue their skyward climb.

Sunday was a new day and it appeared that there were some open houses to see so off we went like the Beverly Hillbillies, cruising every back road. I wanted to see a couple of places I picked off of the internet first so we drove to the first home and it was nice. Nice and quiet. Brand new and believe it or not the front door was unlocked. So as any good citizen would do, we went inside and had a look around. It was nice and we decided that this could be it. So I pipe up and said that 'there's one more but I'm not sure we want to drive down to see it.' 'Why not' everyone says so off we go again. Even nicer with more room and possibilities for more room than that. Forget the open houses, let's go with this one. Got a hold of our Realtor Sunday night via email (love technology when it works for me) and he put the wheels in motion Monday. And so we.....

Monday Evening:
So, after the obliteration of half of the lying tomatoes, I decided that I might as well transfer the peppers and eggplants so I could kill them too. Had a tear in my eye doing so as I listened to their little screams....... Actually, they are doing quite well. It's been cold the last few nights so they've all been in the garage with all of the other crap we are trying to pack but may just sell. I also decided that since I had a few more seeds of tomatoes, I'd go ahead and start some more plus start some squash since things were looking up. Killl some, kill them all is my motto.

Oh, continuing the story from above

1/2 acre lot, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, with room for another 800 sq. ft. minimum. We should close May 18th! They had better finish it by then or the wrath of the Wife will come down.

Pictures tonight.

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