Monday, April 30, 2012

Changes and Hopes

OK, first of all I do not like this new post- writing format (yes I said that.) Quit changing things! That said I'll be used to it in no time.
Well, I know it has been some time since the last post but things hava been changin here in the capital city. The wife, youngest boy and myself went over to Camp Lejeune this past Friday to see the oldest boy off on his next summer vacation to a far away land!

A good thing about the new technology nowadays is that we've already talked to him and he's been on FB several times. That will change in the near future so its all good right now. Sorry, no last names here.

On the garden front I have more plants going in preparation for their new home mid- May. It's late to get them in the ground for me but I'll take what I can. I did some more transplanting this past weekend and last count got about 32 tomato plants (another 7 showed up on the front porch tonight courtesy of a benefactor), 8 bush cukes, 10 munchers, 10 california wonder peppers, 6 carnival peppers, 8 hot salsa mix peppers, 6 zucchini plants, 6 black beauty eggplants, and a few more things that I'm not sure what they are. No potatoes or onions or carrots though. 

So while bored at work during lunch ( I take mine so I don't have to go out; saves money on the foods and gas in the truck) so I cruised a few of the blogs and found one talking about the soil block makers. Now, I have seen these in the past and always wondered if they worked as well as everyone says they do. For me lately its been buying the little compressed soil pills (no more peat pots for me; for some reason I can't get these damn things to grow anything right), add water and 'PRESTO', dirt. So, when I get bored, I go to gardening supply websites and just happened to buy a 2" block maker, with a couple of tomato packets (anyone need German Johnson or Eva Purple Ball seeds?) and some bush green beans I'm going to start in July to can this fall. I took some commercially available seed starting mix from the local big box store, mixed some water in, pressed and compressed and viola, blocks. 

Not quite the blocks I've seen on other sites so I am going to have to do some more research into a good soil combination for this maker. 

I can see the allure of using this thing. Squeezing the hell out of something feels pretty good.

On the home front we are getting closer to the closing date so that excitement is building. We visit nearly every weekend to do some measuring and my inspections on how they are doing everything wrong on the landscaping. One good plus for me is that everyday, twice a day, I will pass three (3) greenhouses/nurseries! Maybe it won't end up being a plus after all :) It seems they'll have about one more weeks' worth of work, maybe 1 1/2 weeks. 

WOF of the week. Nothing like some good ole sunshine.

Until next time....

May they all return home to us! Hope is powerful.

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