Monday, April 23, 2012

Frozen Planet

Watched the Frozen Planet series yesterday afternoon and evening and I must say that it is good TV.

These are the kind of shows I enjoy watching. No reality TV for me. I also watch HGTV and DIY Network when I get the chance although DIY is on my list as Ahmed Hassan is no longer on Yard Crashers! And I can't forget This Old House. Never really liked Villa but these new guys are fun to watch.
Back to Frozen Planet. Now if you've watched any of the other Planet series you know that you're in for a big reality check. First, Man is not at the top of the food chain. I'd say we'd be around 6 or 7. Secondly, the efforts of the filming crews and the shots they get are outstanding. There's a lot going on that you don't know about. Third, you find out just how fragile this planet is and how the activities of some have devastating impacts on others, namely the wildlife and planet itself. Now, I've never been one to go around and loudly beat the save our planet drum or join Greenpeace but we have as a family in recent years began to do more of what is responsibly correct for the environment. We recycle all household items that can be recycled, donate to Goodwill old clothing that maybe go into the trash (and if they are too bad they become garage towels), I recycle the motor oil from the vehicles, fill my cans with rain water, but there is more that we can do. Once we get the move complete, there will be a couple of composting containers and rainwater barrels that I'm making from food grade 55 gallon plastic drums, I'll be looking at a smaller, fuel- efficient car for traveling in and leave the truck at the house, use one metal bottle for our drinking water and rid ourselves of those plastic ones for good, and continue with our recycling efforts. We have upgraded the appliances with high efficiency units and are considering the front loader washing machine and dryer. If I'm able to get the gardens going this year, I'm planting main crops that can be frozen and/or canned. Of course I've spouted about solar energy so this fall I'm going to have someone come out and give me hard numbers for a system.

There are a lot of good ideas out there, more that I want to explore. Watch the series if you haven't.

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  1. I loved the Frozen Planet series. It's interesting how the whole cycle goes on so well without humans there to fuck it up!