Monday, April 2, 2012

April??? Already???

My how times fly. Just seem like yesterday it was March. Tonight's broadcast is from a rural town in South Carolina because all of the hotels at the jobsite I visit are booked due to the Masters. Status update....
Been painting the rooms of the house to make them more appealing and less bumped up as they have been. Still filling boxes and putting them in the Pack Rat container (walked out of the container a few days ago and my little neighbor girl scared that shit out of me. I told her I was going to lock her in it and haven't seen her since! Not really but she did get me good), sorting items for yard sale, craigslist and ebay, and now have to get ready for company the next two weekends. The oldest boy came home this weekend after his fun in the desert while the Wife and youngest boy went to WV. We decided in the upmost stupidity to play golf Sunday morning. Thank goodness we didn't go to Pinehurst like we wanted, they would have kicked us off of the course. Awful. But we made it around in about 3 hours. Anyway as you can see we've been busy and it's about to get busier.
I still have all of my transplants going with the anticipation that we will get something soon but I may just end up giving them all away. Shame as I have some real good tomatoes going. Who knows, there may be something right around the corner.
I got a grateful acknowledgement from The Idiot Gardener on his blog about the Felbridge Garden Club. Seems like he has his hands full with the amount of work coming up. Go check it out and donate to a good cause if you can. He says the website is shit but I think it looks good. Better than I can do.
Periodically I check several webcams to see how the others in this world are doing. One of my favorite places to go is Cran Montana in the Swiss Alps. I love watching the golf tournament there each year and hope to actually attend it some day. You know spring is right around the corner when the snow pack starts melting away. A view of the 18th green.

A view of the village from the hotel. 

Since I have no pictures of my latest gardening adventures I will share this oxymoron. 

This SUV passes the youngest boy and myself and I told him, "take a picture of that." It had at least 3 cell antennas plus a couple of other ones on top but a sticker on the back window that said 'Hang up and Drive." 

It's getting late and I still have a drive ahead of me tomorrow morning so until next time, Hang up and Drive. 

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