Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hello Again!

Well it has been a while, hasn't it? That's what happens when I leave work for vacation! Work has been hectic and it seems I will never get caught up here at the house. Enough complaining from me, let's dive in to it, shall we?

I got the side wall of the garage finished, painted, and built myself a long work bench that will never fall down. I do a lot of work out in the garage it seems so I figured I'd better make sure this thing lasts.

Spent today trimming out the windows but ran out of trim so I only got one done.

See my dinosaur buddy? Since I work by myself, he gives me someone to talk to, and an occasional roar when he doesn't like what I do.

Now I have one more wall and a half to finish off and paint, then it's on to the ceiling. I think I will see if you can rent those leg stilt thingys instead of using a ladder. So much easier on the back and things move faster for sure. Never thought I'd say it but I'm tired of being in the garage.
I spent about 4-5 hours Saturday just working in the garden. I have let things go a bit and I paid the price for it. I went from bed to bed; tying tomatoes, trimming them up, pulling weeds, putting down some fertilizer and planting some more food.
I have a lot of green tomatoes and a few turning red. I picked three German Johnson's Saturday with the remaining green beans before I pulled them all out.
The peppers seem to be doing good and I have a few more eggplants setting.
I pulled the dying bean plants out after I picked everything that I could off of them and planted some carrots I forgot I order from Territorial Seed Company, a few more bean plants (just to try my luck) brocolli, loose leaf and mix lettuce, and some red cabbage. After all was said and done, it was a pretty productive day.
The sweet corn is about ready for picking, then I'll pull it out and see what else I can get in the ground for fall. Not sure yet so I'll give it some thought unless someone has an idea.
Since The Wife was at the beach with her friends Thursday evening, all day Friday, and returned Saturday, The Youngest Boy and myself were left to our own devices. Friday night is pizza night in the house so as he played games I cruised on down to the local grocery store to get our pizza and wings. Then I notice a seed display stand in the store.

I bought 35 packs of seeds. Mostly flowers but there were a few herbs packs left so I went crazy. AND they were $0.10 a piece. So they way I figure it, if half of them sprout next year, it's all good. If there's one thing I am a junky for, it is seed packs. Oh, and notice the coffee mug? It's my new Waffle House mug. I love my Waffle House! 
Anyway, that's what's been going on in this household since I've been gone from the Blog. Temperatures have finally dropped to a reasonable level and I'm excited about that. Since I splurged on a new backpack, I've been itching to get out into the woods for a long weekend and turn off. The beach is OK but I really like being in the mountains. And with the new lower temps, it's hard not to go. With the Labor Day weekend coming up, I may give it some serious consideration.  
WOF spent Saturday morning outside with me. That's one good thing about her, if we go outside, she stays right where we are.
Not much help, but she was there anyway.
Well, I may splurge on a bowl of ice cream and watch a little LPGA golf I recorded, then to bed. I have a few more pictures but may upload those tomorrow night. BTW, this coming weekend is my favorite golf tournament of the entire year. If you love grand views, turn in to Golf Channel and watch the Omega European Master. Beautiful! Until then, get a roar out now and then.


  1. Wow...10 cents a packet? What a deal! And I've got flowers on my mind for sure...

  2. Good work. There never seems to be enough trim in the world.

    I get the whole seed addiction, but flowers?

  3. Flowers! I love to grow them too. Go figure......